Litigation Support

We have been specialising in forensic accounting for some twenty years now. In that time we’ve prepared reports in hundreds of cases, attended many conferences with counsel, had numerous meetings with other expert accountants and given evidence in court on many occasions. We get involved in all sorts of cases such as:

  • Personal injury
  • Fatal accident
  • Professional negligence
  • Matrimonial
  • Business valuations
  • Commercial disputes
  • Fraud
  • Arbitration
  • and so on

In fact wherever solicitors, barristers or the court need financial or accounting matters clearly explained or need a claim quantifying. We can just do the support work or prepare a full report.

At the early stages of a claim we can help by giving a straightforward initial assessment of its financial merits and likely value or advise on any additional information that might be needed to support it. We will even let you know if we don’t think accountants should be involved at all.

We receive instructions from solicitors across the country, representing both claimants and defendants. Increasingly we also receive joint instructions. Much of our work comes from recommendations.

Our litigation support work is all carried out by John Malthouse who attends conferences and gives evidence at court if required. Assistants are used for detailed accountancy only.

We are attentive and we try very hard to provide the best service possible. Equally importantly in these cost conscious times our rates are at the reasonable to modest end of the range – and we don’t charge for reading all the papers and giving an estimate.

In most circumstances we can be significantly more cost effective than the larger firms – but we have just as much experience and competence.

We can guarantee that if you try us, you won’t go anywhere else.